Emerald Heights Faridabad

Emerald Heights Faridabad is another era private venture situated in the prime area of Greater Faridabad. The venture conveys deliberately planned 2BHK and 3BHK lofts with present day courtesies and elements.

We are happy to tell you that Emerald Homes gladly exhibits a Residential Group Housing – EMERALD HEIGHTS Located at Sector – 88, Greater Faridabad.

Real estate in Faridabad has gained the popularity in last few decades, like never before in the history of the property industry. Faridabad, the largest city of Haryana has developed a lot due to so many leading Builders and Developers; who have contributed to the present state of the city.

They took it from underdeveloped to developing stage, at the very fast pace. It took a long way for them to create the path of progression for the future of property industry.

Emerald Heights in Faridabad is one of the most popular and acknowledged group, that has gained the trust of buyers as well as the market forces; which enables them to stand strongly in the market of real estate in Faridabad.

The group has emerged in the property industry more than a decade ago and has created its place remarkably very soon, in comparison to the other groups who existed in the market for more than 4 to 5 decades.

On the other hand Emerald Developers in Faridabad has become a renowned group; which is trustworthy among buyers, sellers and mediator. For exceptionally professional and dedicated approach that is capturing the market widely.

Emerald Heights Faridabad
Emerald Heights Faridabad

Key Highlights

6 Towers/ 384 Units

Project Area: 6.13 Acres

Connectivity: School, Hospitals, Shopping Mall within 3 Km

Location: Sector 88 Greater Faridabad

Possession: Under Construction

Apartment Units Available

2 BHK (9 mtr./Typical)

Total Area: 1325 sq.ft.

Prices Starting from 41.9 Lacs

2 BHK (24 mtr./Typical)

Total Area: 1325 sq.ft.

Prices Starting from 42.9 Lacs

3 BHK (Typical)

Total Area: 1660 sq.ft.

Prices Starting from 55.9 Lacs

2 BHK (9 mtr./Corner)

Total Area: 1395 sq.ft.

Prices Starting from 43.9 Lacs

2 BHK (24 mtr./Corner)

Total Area: 1395 sq.ft.

Prices Starting from 44.9 Lacs

3 BHK (Corner)

Total Area: 1740 sq.ft.

Prices Starting from 58.9 Lacs



Coffee Lounge & Restaurants Unique

Jogging and Strolling Track

Outdoor Tennis Courts

Swimming Pool

Reserved Parking

Banquet Hall

Rain Water Harvesting

Jogging and Strolling Track

Indoor Squash & Badminton Courts

Multipurpose Courts

Kids Play Area

Emerald Heights Plan

Emerald Heights Faridabad Floor Plan
Emerald Heights Faridabad Floor Plan

Emerald Heights Layout

Emerald Heights Faridabad Layout Plan
Emerald Heights Faridabad Layout Plan



Among various leading and successful projects, Emerald Heights Faridabad is providing a well planned and strategic construction; in the form of residential units. Emerald group Faridabad have collected the team of professionals, who have been into the industry for quite a while and knowledgeable enough ; to implement the desired planning in such a manner, that every investor gets the maximum gains out of their capital within very less time frame. The group has been providing the world class amenities, in Sector 88 Faridabad. The price range of the units is starting from 39 lacs to 60 lacs.

Features Of Project :-

– 4 towers are being built in the 6 acres space, which is providing 384 residential apartments

– Best provision for the security level of the residential units

– Two side open structure for the air ventilation and access to sunlight, for each apartment

– Round the clock power back up, to provide the lifetime comfort to all the residents

– Construction of big club house and a dedicated party lounge, for the residents. In order to celebrate the events and parties, as per their desire

– Individual assigned space for every apartment, to enjoy the leisure time sitting in the lap of nature

Emerald floors Faridabad are too spacious to accommodate neutral and joint families, respectively

– Individual floors of a personal space to every family, without the interference of any other outsider

– Exclusive space for badminton court and tennis court established for the people, who are keen to carry on with their Sportsmanship spirit

– Natural initiative by creating a space for harvesting of rainwater, in a reservoir

– Swimming pool facility for the residents of the project

– Jogging track for the health conscious people, to make them fit and healthy for longer term

– Membership for the gymnasium, so that the buyer can easily avail the advantages of the project

Emerald homes Faridabad are equipped with all the basic and majority of, luxurious facilities

– Material used in the construction of the project, as well as the interior designing; is quite superior matching the world standards

– Shopping mall and food court is available, within the premises of Emerald Sec 88 Faridabad


Some Facts about the Project

The reason behind the popularity and growing demand for the projects constructed by a particular group or builder consists of a lot of factors, which helps them to establish their identity in the competitive market of real estate in India.

As the market place is flooded with so many construction groups, Builders and collaborators; they try all the techniques to establish their brand. However, it is very difficult for everyone to survive and sustain for such a long term.

But which is being efficiently managed by them in recent years. The best part of the group is that, they deliver the best quality possible in the market; as well as keeping their promises for the committed time frame, by expecting timely responses to the projects respectively as per the demand of buyers.

Though the market is developed on various factors and the prices are derived, from different market forces. However there are most of the things, which are being managed effectively by the competent group of Builders.


Philosophy of Emerald Group in Faridabad

On the top of everything, the mission of success is designed for customer satisfaction. The leading group always tries to work successfully in the direction of the satisfaction, which they want soon to be achieved by the investors while visiting their project or buying it.

In addition to which, they are leaving no flaws or mistakes which can be reason of problem for their customers. Emerald Developers Faridabad is the group that believes in working and performing in the industry, as per their promises and meeting the market norms.

Since they have entered the market a while ago, the group is directly interested in the transparency and clarity of their project. They provide the buyers with the accurate information and affordable prices of the industry.

It has taken over few other groups by their dynamic and robust performance, which is providing them the confidence of sustaining in the market successfully. Along with the lot more projects to come, by providing the distinctive services in the industry.

Emerald group has gained its recognized place, in between the whole lot of Builders and Developers group. Since they not only believe in providing the structure of the plot, however they work smartly to offer the best possible appearance of outer and inner building of the project.

In addition to which, the quality offered by them makes sure that there is no issues cropped up in front of the buyer. Also aim at the same time, for the same condition of the structure that remains long lasting continuously, while the customer is using the property constructed by them.

What matters to us?

The satisfaction of the buyer and the project is not only providing them with the lot of business, revenue, output alone. However, it is also going to increase their reputation and credibility in the market, which has become their brand identity.

The group has the specialty to Cater the people of every level and class, so that there remains no one who’s left to opt the space in India’s one of the most successful projects.

Due to certain features and appropriate planning, Emerald City Faridabad is continuously developing and receiving satisfactory response of the market forces, as well as the buyers and investors.

That is keeping them moving with more enthusiasm and dedication, while planning for their new projects and Ventures. They are keeping all the details in account, so that they can demonstrate their knowledge and skill set simultaneously in the best possible way.

Emerald Group is a group with team of professionals, who works constantly to achieve their success in the form of project completed and that too, to meet the Expectations of the buyers. Since they are into the processing mode of a well-structured project of Emerald Sec 88 Faridabad, it can be delivered very soon as the sources have informed.

In the current residential project they have been using the space of more than 6 Acres, in creating 350 + residential plots of capacities such as 2BHK, 3BHK and 4 BHK.

The price range of Emerald Heights Faridabad differs from the area of the apartment, as well as the floor; which the flat occupies in the tower.

The most essential and impressing part of their project is, that they are working to deliver every floor and apartment same as been promised in the industry by them.

Why Choose Emerald among others?

They are taking care of even the small details and requirements of the whole project so that every facilities and amenities are given to the buyers, without any interruptions.

The location which they have chosen have chosen for Emerald Heights is very prime and also affordable, since the price range is starting from 36 lacs and can be bought within the slab of up to 70 lacs. So, none of the buyers will have to compromise in their desires, while making the deal of the best properties in the market.

They are committed to deliver dream homes for every individual in a very economical and shortest possible way. In addition to which, they have taken care of the surroundings and facilities in Emerald Floors Faridabad; which are required by the residents all the time, to live a comfortable and luxurious life without any kind of compromise or interruptions.

Within the space of the project, also they are making sure that none of the required luxury is left out; which the residents may be looking for, even at the later stages.

 Among the various other advantages they have chosen the location which is open from both the sides so that natural sunlight and air can soothe the residents and provide them the closeness with the nature, that is very essential to remain healthy and fit for every individual.

What other facilities are provided by Emerald Heights?

Emerald Heights in Faridabad has included a big swimming pool in the project space, so that the people living there do not have to worry about their habits and liking of swimming. Also they can avail the facility without any kind of pressure or burden, of travelling here and there for swimming.

In addition to which, they have also included health clubs and gym to make sure that the people do not have to waste their time going outside there space and can easily keep themselves, fit and strong. This can help the residents to stay healthy and away from the diseases.

Since there are various floors and apartments present in the Emerald Heights Faridabad, they have also taken care of the parking space which is very essential while constructing such projects in the Township area of the busy City.

So that none of the buyer may face any kind of issues, with their conveyance parking and can easily invite their friends and family, to their unique nature friendly home.

Also they have included rain harvesting system, so that the scarce resource of nature can be stored and used for various purposes after the treatment of the stored water.

They have specifically taken care of the nature, since there is a lot of greenery which is surrounding their project and is well required by the residents of the apartments.


Nearby Facilities

More than 10 schools and institutes are in the close proximity of the project. Also the nearest railway station is very close to the site. Even the airport is easy to reach, from the site of the project.

The reachability to various upcoming hospitals and health institutes makes it more demanding and wanted projects, by the investors as well as buyers.

While constructing the master plan of the project, the expert team of the Emerald Heights has taken care of the complete security and safety of the residents that is operative and fully functional 24 /7.

There is no chance of security threats to the people, at any point of time. In order to create a healthy and safe environment for the residents to live in the apartments, the group has taken the complete care of the same.

Advantages of living in emerald heights fariadabad

The group has also constructed the jogging track within the space of projected apartments, so that the people living there can easily avail the facility and do not have to pay anything extra for that.

Also there is Clubhouse in Emerald Heights Sec 88 Faridabad where various recreational games and options are available, so that the families can easily spend their spare time and enjoy their life with whole lot of entertainment.

This option will also attract the children for spending the time within the premises of the site, without any kind of restrictions posed on them by the parents for going out of the house.

In addition to which, a Coffee House is also in the pipeline for the people to have some leisure time, with their friends and family. As well as they can invite people from outside to spend the quality time with the colleagues and friends.

The people can have fun for celebrating special occasions, festivals and events. For the same, Emerald Heights Faridabad is equipped with a banquet hall; which is very essential nowadays, as the spaces outside are very expensive and not available easily on rent in the peak season.

With all these luxurious features and facilities, the apartments are highly affordable. Since the location of the site is prime and is well connected to, Delhi and other regions of NCR

Interior of the Apartments

While considering the interiors of the apartments and floors, special care and planning has been materialized by the team members. So that the buyers do not have to face any challenges, when shifting to the space.

Since the apartments are ready to live in, you do not have to worry about the flooring or other necessary fittings which are completely in place and taken care by The Emerald Heights Faridabad group.

The complete floor space has been covered by high quality vitrified tiles, which are easy to clean and zero maintenance is required. Also the bathroom and kitchen is constructed in such a way, that the residents will feel the satisfaction of work while living in the facility.

Along with all these facilities and requirements, the team of specialist has also taken care of water supply and electricity supply all the time. So that the basic needs of the daily life should not be hampered at any point of time, which can create any problem for the people living there.

Though there are so many other groups of Builders and developers, who have been working in the industry for longer than the Emerald Group in Faridabad. However every minute detail is being taken care by the group, so that none of the complications arise for the buyers.

 Also the whole cycle of commitment, helps them to create the identity in the positive manner; which can make them sustain for a longer time than others in the industry.

Successful Completion of our Residential Project

The reason behind the expected success of completion for the project is that, the group is taking care of every level of society by offering minimum and maximum luxurious space.

Also the 2BHK apartment is spacious enough, to accommodate and suffice the needs of a small family very well.

However, they have taken care specifically, that the space in the 4 BHK apartments would be sufficient for a joint family, or the big family without any kind of compromises.

The accessibility to the nearest places and easy commuting to Delhi and other regions of NCR, makes the project to be more successful and a big hit once completed.

The responses are very positive in the market, due to the efficient potential of the professionals who are working to make it awesome.

Real estate industry is also expecting many more projects to come up, after the completion of Emerald Heights Faridabad Sector 88 project successfully.

The predictions are also that the group will initiate for bigger projects in the near future, since Faridabad has become the Hot cake in context of real estate market; which is in high demand by the buyers for residential, as well as commercial projects.

Also the huge number of investors is looking forward to invest in the upcoming projects of the trustworthy groups, such as Emerald Heights in Faridabad.



In between list of leading and popular brands of Builders and developers ; Emerald Heights Faridabad, Haryana has been offering a unique and strong structure. Keeping in mind the future aspects of the residents.

It not only makes the group different from the others, however also provides them the confidence of sustaining for a long term; in the market of property. The people who carry different views of the project, may be good or bad. Still the perception of the public, matters for the business.

Since the construction is still going on, the results expected are broader in picture for meeting The requirements of buyers and investors. The residential units of emerald heights greater faridabad have all the  necessities, that can be imagined by the people living in the house; for having a comfortable and satisfactory lifestyle.

The space allotted to the units of the project consisting 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK is ; 1260 sqft and 1310 sqft, 1730 sqft and 1795 sqft, 2385 sqft respectively.


The buyers can expect the possession of the residential units in few months, from now. Since the Emerald group has promised to successfully construct the structure within 2018.

The investors can contact the group and visit the site for more information about the progress of the project work. The professionals are demonstrating their maximum potential of the expert approach, so that they can easily provide the buyers with their promise of providing exceptional quality of the project in Sector 88 project.


Shiv Sai Emerald Heights Faridabad

Group of builder, who is in the developing mode of construction is keeping up the spirit of distinctive work and the scope of rising prices in near future. Emerald homes Faridabad is like a dream of every member of society, so that he can live his life along with his family in the comfort zone ; with all the peace and security.

The group has not left any stone unturned, for delivering the professional structure for the residents; to make their lifestyle more lavish and premium in quality aspirations. Not only for meeting the Expectations of the leading sources of real estate in Faridabad, however also making a smooth journey for themselves.

The emerald group is committed to keep delivering the promised quality and comfort to all their buyers, in the least possible time span. Along with the incredible structure of Sector 88 Faridabad, Emerald group is waiting for the Emerald Heights Gurgaon to be flourishing with the progress very soon. Also many more upcoming projects, with the development of the group.

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